101 Chatbot Ideas – What’s Out There Now and What Should Be

During the launch of our business foster.ai, an in-house chatbot training team, I discovered a bunch of new bots and had some of my own bot brainwaves. The list below is a compilation of ideas – new and potential.

Some bots are already out there; some are probably in progress right now. Some are weird, and some are wild. While others could certainly help revolutionise our world of work – and maybe this will be the inspiration you need to invent one.

Have a look. Record a comment. Discuss and share it around.

Let’s keep the chat about chatbots going.



1. Bot-Connected to Sensors

Scanalytics, Inc. is an exisiting product for retail outlets that uses floor sensors to track when customers enter the shop and spend time browsing. Let’s take that one step further – let’s get a chatbot to pop up on your phone when you enter a store, ask you what you’re looking for and then tell you which aisle to go to. (Imagine: no more time wasted trying to find a sales assistant at the supermarket.)

2. Bot Analytics

Technically, this isn’t a bot, but a chatbot analytics platform that reports on bot behaviour  (e.g. response time) and helps bots become better – we like this idea a lot. Two companies in this domain have popped up with strikingly similar JSON – Bot Metrics and Botlytics. It will be interesting to see how they differentiate themselves.

Customer Support

3. Customer Support


Bots can help companies assist other companies with their customer service (see the example in the hyperlink). Chatbots can answer questions for customers, free up employees time to do other work and/or eliminate the need for a business to hire their own dedicated customer support team.

4. FAQ Support

Everyone loves a good Frequently Asked Questions page on a website. But how long can they sometimes get, and it’s frustrating when the answer doesn’t quite give you the information you need. Instead of this static page, bots could offer more tailored answers to common questions and help fill in those gaps.

Fun and Social

5. Emojify your life

Screenshot 2016-06-07 12.31.48

Emojify your conversations with the Emojify Bot. Simple and fun.

6. Simplify Bar Trivia

The trivia host calls out the question. You answer by typing it into your phone. Think: no more printing out and distributing answer sheets, or losing pens and pencils.

7, A Carbon Copy of You Bot
A bot platform called Sequel launched a way for you to build bots with personas, including ones that mimic your own personality. Try it and see for yourself (if you dare).

8. 25-Word Competition Entry

You know those competitions that require you email or snail mail in your answer to: “Tell us in 25 words or less why XYZ….” Let’s use a bot to type in the winning answer quickly!

9. Get Liquor Delivered to Your Door


Drinkeasy has created a bot that will deliver craft liquor – right to your door. Here’s cheers to that!

10. Inspirational quotes

A bot that reads you inspirational quotes aloud. (It’ll keep you motivated while you’re busy implementing one of your new bot ideas.)

11. Give Someone Your Best Advice

Pullstring has developed a bot called Jessie’s Story, where you give advice to a 20-something (who is kind of in a mess right now – no job, boyfriend or home). You make the decisions to guide her through her quarter-life crisis – yikes! Think of it as a practice-run to make sure you navigate your own life without screwing up.

12. Sharpen Your Trivia Skills


Everyone loves winning Wednesday night trivia. So why not sharpen your skills with Trivia Blast. It’s a bot that helps increase your general knowledge – kinda like Trivial Pursuit in your pocket.

13. Give Your Team Feedback

Captain Feedback is a helpful habit-changing bot that works in Slack. He advices the best micro-feedback to give to your team members to motivate them and help improve work processes.

14. Personal Horoscope

Meet Anny for all your Daily Horoscope needs.

15. Enjoy Your Invisible Girlfriend

Invisible Girlfriend

Desperate for a girlfriend or boyfriend – or one you can at least pretend you have? Try Invisible Girlfriend or Invisible Boyfriend – a bot you can text and receive text messages back from.

16. Swear Jar

D*mn! This cool bot called SwearJar will convert swear words you use on chat to charitable donations.

17. Get Sports Scores

Want to know how your favorite team is doing? TheScore is making a bot for Facebook Messenger that will update you with sports scores in real-time.

18. Chat to a Celebrity


This new bot for Facebook Messenger lets you chat directly with a celebrity – well, not quite. It’s a chatbot that mimics a real celebrity, using phrases, language and lingo that they would actual use.

19. Chat with a badass Army Sgt


This US Army SGT answers questions from potential recruits. The military estimates that Sgt. Star can do the work of 55 real recruiters! And the technology it uses to do? Well, it once was a tool for catching pedophiles and terrorists.

20.  All the facts in the world

Factpeida gives you unlimited facts tailored to your fancy. Let’s hope your already super smart friend doesn’t get his hands on it.

21. AMA Chuck Norris

How could we not include Chucky?


22. Get Medical Advice

Image Credit: Shutterstock
Image Credit: Shutterstock

No more waiting in doctors’ rooms. OneStop Health’s chatbot gives you medical advice when you tell it your symptoms.

23. Yoga Yoga Yoga

Surely someone has developed a chatbot yogi by now?

24. Get Pollution Levels


Get pollution level in your city. It’s the next best thing to Tesla’s bioweapon defence…not!

25. Access Fitness Tracker Data

This one is a definite – just think of all those wearables on the market right now. Bots will soon allow you to chat to them and they’ll retrieve all the data from your handy dandy wearable fitness tracker.

26. On-Demand Mental Health

Joybot is on FB Messenger and hopes to give humans a place to be heard.

27. Book a Doctor Appointment

Instead of waiting on the phone with a receptionist, soon bots will allow you to book a doctor’s appointment digitally.

28. Get Fit

Gymmy Chatbot

Gymmy is for the rest of us armchair fitness freaks. It provides motivational information based on your fitness goals.

29.  Manager Chronic Health Conditions

Alme Health Coach makes it easier for people to manage their chronic health conditions and achieve better overall wellness.

30. Hairdresser and Beautician appointments

What if your local barber could let you know when there wasn’t a line, so you could get in the car and go for a cut? Or your beautician could tell you when you were due for a wax?

31. Acupuncture Bot

A acupuncture personal assistant to help with DIY acupuncture. No needles; no kidding.

32. Be less lonely

Omegle is like ChatRoulette for Messenger. Talk to people anonymously. How long till uncensored Gifs sabotage the fun?


33. Get a Job


EstherBot allows you to transform your resume into a bot so that you can easily look for and apply to jobs. For those more pro-active JobPal help’s you browse and apply for jobs.

34. Make Employee On-boarding Less Tortuous 


Obie takes the gently, gently approach to employee on-boarding by “spoon feeding” knowledge instead of the much loved “water boarding” from the Firehose approach.

Finance & Payments

Image Credit: http://www.blockchaingang.com/
Image Credit: http://www.blockchaingang.com/

35. Pay the Water Bill

Have a water bill? A bot will let you pay it by sending a message – instead of sending an electronic transfer.

36. Donate to Charity

A bot could allow you to make a charitable donation by simply typing and sending a message.

37. Personal BitCoin Teller

Personal Bitcoin Teller

Request delivery or send bitcoins instantly via e-mail or directly to the bitcoin address with Meet Julia your personal bit coint teller.

38. Personal Finance Bot

Jude looks really neat. Think Mint for chatbots.


39. Pomodoro Method

A way to track your work using the Pomodoro method.

40. Help book a meeting

Howdy originally helped the busy people manager “cut to the chase” with 1 to 1 meetings. It now does a bunch of other office automation to make workplaces less clunky.

41. Do Todos

Ace is a bot that helps you and your team manage daily to-do’s and action items more efficiently. Add new tasks, list out your open tasks, close tasks on the go or assign tasks to your teammates.

42. Startup Mentor


A mentor called – wait for it – MentorBot. This entrepreneur-that’s-been-there doesn’t want a piece of the pie or love the sound of their own voice. It even learns to suit your unique situation. So many opportunities for this outside of startup.

43. Work out what company structure is best for you

Clearpoint Labs has an AI Lawyer that helps decide which company structure is best for you. It’s in beta and Australian specific, however, with a little training it could save a bunch of big $$ for businesses and entrepreneurs everywhere.

44. Proofread your wordz

Nurtz integrates with Slack – combining technology and real people to proofread your text.

45. Create common legal documents on the fly

Get answers to key questions and help to create a legally binding document.

46. Critical Check lists

A bot that helps you through a checklist to make sure you’ve filled out an application correctly or attached the right documentation. Great for organisations whose clients need to complete complex documentation. e.g. passports, visas.

47. Writing mentor 

Think Startup Mentor for Writers


48. Group Shopping

Keep up-to date on office needs or take a photo of a product to buy it. Kip a team shopping bot does this and loads more.

49. Get concierge shopper

Operator is an iPhone app that connects you to experts to help find you what you want, when you want.

50. Ordering Flowers

Stay in the good books on Valentine’s Day, anniversaries or Mother’s Day by using the 1-800-Flowers bot to order a bouquet.

51. Get the latest sneakers with a chatbot

There are a few companies like AnotherNikeBot out their that help secure limited release sneakers. They seem a bit time-consuming. Why not a chatbot for bots that let’s you know about upcoming sneakers and attempts to secure them in the cart?

52. Find your favourite clothes

Screenshot 2016-05-13 14.25.20

Fify is a cool brand that claims to be your besty when it comes to fashion. Surprised they didn’t take it one step further and make Fify your best gay friend.

53. Send a birthday present

For those last-minute birthday presents.

54. Personal Gifting Assistant

Eva delivers happiness, daily.

55. Don’t forget the toilet paper

Ever arrive home from the supermarket and realise you forgot the toilet paper? Or even worse the coffee? GetCaptain isn’t quite a chatbot, but the learning algorithms behind it could definitely lend itself to one.

56. Make e-commerce transactions simpler
Shopify is using bots for Messenger to offer live customer support, automatically send order confirmations, shipping updates, push notifications and more.


Image Credit: http://toonboy92484.deviantart.com/
Image Credit: http://toonboy92484.deviantart.com/

57. Check-in for a flight

No more scrambling to find the SMS or email containing your ticket. KLM is the first to offer a check-in experience with a chatbot. Expect all the airlines to follow.

58. Search and Book flights

Search for flights through conversational question and answers.

59. Track and Manage Flights

Get flight status, delay alerts, arrival, departure and gate information with InstaLocate.

60. Find a book at the local store or library

Ever tried to find a specific book at a big book store like Borders or Dymocks? Normally they are under-staffed and you have to wait to get someone’s attention before they then search on the only computer on the floor. Chatbot would be ideal to quickly find what you are looking for! Please someone make this ASAP!

61. Personal Travel Assistant

Screenshot 2016-05-13 11.03.23

Imagine a personal travel assistant that tells you where to go? Levels.io has made a very cool one called Taylor – perfect for digital nomad out there.

62. Book a restaurant

Book a Table Chatbot

TableHero makes booking a tables as easy as ~ “Book a table for 2 at Gary Danko tomorrow night”.


63. Find and book a Movie Near You

If you want to go catch the latest Hollywood blockbuster, the Yellow Messenger will help you discover and book a movie near you.

64. Buy Drugs

It’s really happened. In Switzerland, a bot was used to purchase ecstasy online.

65. A Virtual You

By gathering information you’ve shared online, bots can now be built to become a virtual version of yourself. These bots can be fun and entertaining – and also helpful for completing tasks online!

66. Get News

The TechCrunch news bot sends news right to your phone.

67. Track Your Spend

Easily keep track of your budget – and don’t overspend – when you use Digit, a bot that can check your spending habits and help you save money.

68. Abide By Your Values

Sure helps you find businesses that match your values.

69. Hail a Taxi

Uber is uber convenient – and now it’s even easier since you can use UberBot to order a car.

70. Find the perfect home


An incredibly time consuming task that can continue for weeks. Apartment Ocean is a virtual real estate advisor. Even if it only saves 20% of your time then it’s worth it.

72. Trash Buddy

Image Credit: Sesame Street
Image Credit: Sesame Street

Does your teenager have trouble remembering to take out the trash? Why not share “Oscar” the chatbot that get’s on your case to take the trash out? It doesn’t exist yet, but sure there are a few partners and parents who wish it did….

72. Restaurant recommendations

What if you could ask a restaurant something like: “I’m going to dinner with my girlfriend, and I’m looking for something romantic but not too expensive.” And the chatbot replied: “OK, are you in the mood for Italian or Sushi?” This could well be the future with chatbots like Luka.ai taking on giants like Foursquare.

73. Write and post a letter


There is something special about putting pen to paper. And more importantly the joy of receiving a hand written letter. But these days going to the post office is a pain in the butt – so give it to a PostBox bot to do all the legwork. Grandma and your old pen pal with will love it.

74. Book a tradesman

Established startups like Pro.com have chatbots that  instantly organise a tradesman to fix your leaky tap or toilet.

75. Trigger events for sales people


Get notified when a trigger event occurs for a high value customer.

76. Receive daily progress of your kid’s school performance

Why do we wait so long to get a report on our how our children are doing at school? Could a daily chatbot provide key metrics and answer your questions? This idea is probably a teacher’s worst nightmare, but a helicopter parent’s dream.

78. Check in\out of daycare

It’s a total drag having to check in and out with pen and paper at the local daycare.

79. Turn the oven on

Starving and need the oven on for pizza? Get your bot to turn up the heat – stat!

80. Coffee Loyalty Cards and Payment

Who holds on to coffee cards anyway? Quickly check-in with your coffee dealer (barrister) to get bonus coffees and takeaway orders.While you are at it. Pay for your coffee, too.

81. Appealing parking fines

Robot JudgeBy http://uzi-muzi.deviantart.com/

No one wants to pay a parking ticket. Do Not Pay is a robot lawyer that can help you through the ticket appeal process. It’s available in the UK and NYC. Others like Appealme in Australia are jumping on the band wagon too. Citizens revolt!

82. Sports Betting

As long as there is sport there will always be betting – and ways to do it.

83. Get the tide and swell size for surfing

I live at the surf so would love a chatbot that I could ask for swell size and tides.

84. 30-second Survey

Super quick surveys please.

85. Facilitate your children’s weekly events

Get a bot to do the back and forthing between parents to see who is going to pick up or drop off the kid’s at their weekly sports and school events. Like a meeting bot for parents.

86. Order Pizza
Do you want pizza? yes. Enough said.

87. Book a Rickshaw

Screenshot 2016-05-13 15.02.37

Grab a Rickshaw and go!

88. Password Safe

Get passwords for your accounts just by typing all or part of a website.


89. Train/public transport timetables

Quickly get the next train times.

90. Converse with friends in different languages

Pronunciation bot translates your conversations over chat. Great for cross-cultural communication and friends you meet while travelling.

91. Discover the best video games

Screenshot 2016-05-13 14.31.00

Hiyostik can help you find great deals for your favourite games, and also let you know when they go on sale.

92. Get Something Designed

Most small companies don’t have the budget to have someone in-house handle all creative design. The Design House – a design firm that can be outsourced – has created a bot, called The Design Bot, which gives customer’s information about services while they wait to talk to a customer service representative.


93. Personalised stylist

Cluise is a personal stylist that digitises your wardrobe and creates smart day-to-day looks analysing your preferences and real-time weather.

94. Share Location with Friends

Share your whereabouts with friends anywhere in the world.

95. Upwork

Think Digit meets Upwork – Gives $ or hour report on your contractors and compares days so you get a better understanding of results vs $$.

96. Scout New Events

Scott the Slough finds and recommends events near you based on what you like.

97. Discover Nearby Food

It’s always rewarding when you find good food, and in walking distance. Start exploring your own neighbourhood, just talk to Where.

98. NYC Restaurant Recommendations

If you are a New York City foodie then Clemo is the best friend you never heard of.

99. Event Concierge

Get all the details at your next event without having to deep dive into a website.

100. Feel like a Hipster By Hanging with Hipsters

The Hipster Cat Chat Bot helps you discover the best hipster places near you.

101. Influence Political Decision Makers
Use HelloHot to complete the slow and annoying task of contacting your local representative to let them know what you want changed.


Congratulations on making it this far. You must really be into Bots!

If you’re still looking for more bots?  Try the places we used.  BotArenaBotlist and Bothunterbot.

Do you want to drink from the fire hose of all things bots? Check out the Facebook Chatbot group

Do you have an idea or actual chatbot you want to add to our list? Email hello@foster.ai

Cameron is co-founder of Foster Labs a chatbot build & growth partner. Foster Labs favourite projects are Repost Bot, Ask Joel and BotStackJS a best of breed node.js bot framework for Facebook Messenger.

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